DiaMed - Register for 30 day trialAs a diabetes educator, your patients rely on you to help them improve their health and the quality of their lives. To do this, you need to efficiently and effectively manage both your patient and DSME/T program data.

Doing this manually, utilizing an Excel spreadsheet, or worse yet, antiquated software that may have been developed within your organization years ago, is not only unbelievably time consuming, but also fraught with endless problems, unforseen expenses, and needless frustrations.

DiaMed puts user-friendly, technologically sophisticated diabetes management software at the fingertips of educators and helps move the DSME/T program beyond ADA and AADE Recognition. With DiaMed, you can create comprehensive patient records, manage your curriculum and staff, track the AADE7™ Self-Care Behaviors, document group classes, and much more. DiaMed will help you take your diabetes management program to the next level!

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DiaMed - Register for 30 day trialClinical Information Systems, a fundamental element of the Chronic Care Model (CCM) , assure that health care practitioners have access to key information about their individual and aggregate patient populations to deliver quality care and promote long term disease management and prevention.

In support of the CCM, DiaWEB provides the multidisciplinary team with timely alerts and reminders related to the individual’s diabetes management, one-touch access to a patient’s care plans, goals, and disease-related assessments, as well as both detailed and summary views of the patient’s progress through the disease management program.

DiaWEB also aggregates patient data for analysis and detailed outcomes reporting thereby enabling the disease management team to identify patient groups needing more aggressive management while supporting performance measurement and continuous quality improvement.

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